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When something good comes along, it's only a matter of time until
"the word gets out". Well, that's exactly what's happened with
Robin Eve Chifari (also Eve of EveWalk)
Read what some critics have to say..... and also some comments from
people like you........ the other musicians and the audiences.

Some Reviews.............

From James Marien  April 2004 regarding EveWalk performing and placing first in the Acoustic "Sound Alike" Contest at 2004 Beatlefest in New Jersey.  http://abbeyrd.best.vwh.net/fabnews.htm

" Concerning the note about Robin singing "Somedays" at The Fest --- It was absolutely fantastic !! You had to be there. As soon as she got through about the first minute of the song I thought "You've won girl !!". And the packed ballroom agreed. She is so good she could sing professionally. Robin --- how about a CD of Beatles songs ?? And perhaps next year you could sing a few numbers with Liverpool."

Aural Fix Magazine review of EP "All My Yesterdays" by Rich Hughes  April 2004   http://www.auralfix.com/2004/4_04/AF_4_04_discovery.pdf

"Robin Chifari is a local artist who has definitely made an impact on the scene.  It's hard to believe that about a year ago, she was nervously trying her wings at her first open mic.  Now, she runs the weekly open mic at The Village Pub South in Amityville, as well as regularly booking acoustic showcases at the same venue.  This CD is her 5-song debut demo.  It gives a good sampling of her rich, lovely vocal style and some nicely strummed 6 and 12-string guitar, and shows off her gentle, moody songwriting.  My favorite song on the CD is the opening number, "Let It Rain".  It features a chorus that showcases her voice, and sincere well-written lyrics. ("So many thoughts that I hide from myself/huddled, scared deep inside")  Also strong are the slightly darker song, "What Is Your Legacy" ("What treasures will we find? / What is your Legacy? / What will you leave the children behind"), and her ode to a confused friend, "A new Life". RH

   Aural Fix Magazine Review by Mike Ferrari    May 2004  of Robin Chifari's Original Music Series at V.P. South...First Installment

"Host Robin Chifari took the stage next with Frank Walker, in an act they call EveWalk.  While I have heard both as individual artists, this was my first experience of them together.  Robin played rythym on her 12 string acoustic while Frank took lead on his 6 string, and together they complimented each other well in the vocal harmonies"

To read the entire Aural Fix review of The Original Music Series including write ups for Jeremy Gilchrist, Christine Hayley, Kevin McLeod & Dave Isaacs, go to www.auralfix.com and see archives.  Thank you to all who performed, and supported this event!

Long Island Acoustic Movement: written by Hank Stone, February 2004
Fortified with Dayquil and green tea, and having cast my vote for Steve Levy, I trudged into Village Pub South in Amityville, the center of the open mic universe as far as I am concerned. Tuesdays are the bright spot of the week, when Robin Chifari brings her exuberance to bear, welcoming veterans and newcomers alike with contagious enthusiasm.   - 
Long Island Acoustic Movement                                                                                                 

   GoodTimes Magazine  Review by Dan Brown, "EveWalk at The Acoustic Blizzard"   Dec.12, 2003 at The V.P. South  
"Robin Eve Chifari and Frank Walker make up EveWalk, an acoustic storytelling duo who strum and harmonize about their world and surroundings.  Nights like this were made for an act like EveWalk, and the crowd was ready to follow the pair wherever they wanted to take them.  Robin wrote "The Fact's Don't Count" about the relationship with her young daughter and delivered the lyric in a way that brought the entire audience into her mother/child experience.  EveWalk ended with Harry Chapin's "Mr. Tanner".  The musician tale is very consistent with the band's style so it wasn't hard to see what moved them to choose this cover".
to read the entire review of The Acoustic Blizzard, click :
   Long Island Press December 2003.  Review by Harlan Friedman of WLIR 92.7 "Tri State Sound" Radio.
Long Island has a rich folk-rock history. From the earliest days of Harry Chapin to the modern-day coffee house, the Island has been a hotbed for folkies. Robin Eve Chifari is the latest addition to this list. The Amityville resident was destined for a life in music: Her mother was a musician and radio host, and her father was the announcer for the Ed Sullivan Show. With her mother's guitar in hand, Robin played her own songs for the first time this past May. She quickly gained the interest of the crowd and became an instant favorite. Her songs give a message of hope and love, and are conveyed by a rich and full voice. Not only is she a great talent, but Robin has also become one of the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of local music on the Island today. She hosts an open mic night every Tuesday at the Village Pub South in Amityville, which has become a haven for the acoustic singer-songwriter.
To read the entire "The Sound Report" article, click : http://www.longislandpress.com/v01/i48031211/soundreport_harlan.asp
  Aural Fix Magazine, Review by Hank Stone , October 2003
Acoustichaos #4 at Someplace Else www.liveatspe.com
"Robin Chifari followed, singing her heartfelt and uplifting original songs, also with a strong voice and positive attitude.  "Let It Rain", "The Fact's Don't Count" and "I Wish I Had Learned How To Fly" were highlights"
To read the entire review of AC#4, click : www.auralfix.com and see "archives"
  Tuesday Open Mic at V.P. South reviewed August 2003 by Keith Allen of the local band Station Heights
"Acting like any other good host would, Robin Eve took the stage and laid down the ground rules. She said, "Are you guys ready for the best damn open mic night on long island?!@?" She waited for cheers and then opened up her set with my personal favorite 'All my yesterdays,' a song about living for the future and not dwelling on the past. Her voice was simply beautiful and her guitar playing provided the perfect background."
To read the entire review click : www.stationheights.com

A   Aural Fix Magazine Review By Kathy Fleischmann  November 2003

The Kokopelli Music Festival

"The first ever Kokopelli Music festival was held on October 3rd at Village Pub South in Amityville.  The eight hour event covered a wide variety of musical genres - blues, folk, pop, rock, and a little light jazz.  Hostess Chifari played an impressive set of original tunes, including her CD's title track; "All My Yesterdays".  Make sure you make a point of catching next years Festival and continue supporting this fertile community of musicians dying to grow"
To read the entire Aural Fix review of The Kokopelli Music Festival, go to www.auralfix.com and see archives


   Aural Fix Magazine  Review by Kate Donohue  February 2004

"Acoustic Sweethearts 2004"

"Robin Eve Chifari hosts one of the more popular Open Mics on Tuesdays at the VP South in Amityville.  She has made a real musical home there for her compadres!  Aside from being a musical troubadour herself, Robin's peers all agree that she is one of the sweetest people you'll meet".   To read the entire Aural Fix review of "Acoustic Sweethearts 2004", go to www.auralfix.com and see archives. 


sidebar...Thank you to my "Sweetheart", Mr. Hank Stone for taking this ride with me, and to all other "sweethearts" on this list...this "poll" was a very fun thing to be a part of, and for Hank and I to come in as 1st Runner Ups behind Kathy Fleischmann and Rob Upham for our work in and around the local music scene  is dumbfounding.  Thanks very much to all who voted!!!


Here's what people have been saying......

Robin my dear, when I hear your voice, and your songs, I get that kindof take you somewhere else feeling, and I feel like making love to the world.  Then I open my eyes and say, ewwwww - that's kindof nasty!  I'll stick to one at a time.  lol 

M. Gavilondo  (March 2004)

We used to wish there was an open mike night that was as cool and inspiring as the ones in London, and then we decided to take a long drive to the VP South, one Tuesday night.  Robin, you are an incredible person, and musician. This is hands down, the best open mike on Long Island.... we have met so many talented and beautiful people.  - M. Donato , February 2004

Robin Eve Chifari is a gifted, talented and lovely lady, pure & simple" - F. Walker  (Oct. 2003)
"Nice Demo.  I like the honesty of the songs, and the singing".  -J. Chapin  (Aug. 2003)
"Songs escape from your soul at any time, even while you are sleeping.  In time your songs will run the gamut of many emotions.  For anyone to chide you for what you have written, well, they just don't get it.  I love you, I dig you, I'm with you."  -R. Paul  (Aug. 2003)
"You Rock Lady"  - D. Acosta  (Aug. 2003)
"She amazes me every week and will definitely be a force in the scene" - J. Gilchrist  (July 2003)
" 'What Is Your Legacy'", is very, very good but I think "Let It Rain" is far and above the best.  Your a cross between Carly Simon and I can't quite get the second one but I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out"  - J. White (July 2003)
"Super songwriting and an angelic voice"  - G. Brown  (July 2003)
"Your lyrics are so beautiful and powerful and really hit a nerve with me.  Keep it up girl, the angels are watching over you".  - M. Smith  (June 03)

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