~ The first 8 photos were taken by Adam Forgash ~ at a photo shoot 2003




                                                                   End of photos
by Adam Forgash



                                 At VP South one Tuesday Night



           ~~ Music ~ Music ~ Music ! In the Studio ~ Different venues ~
        More musicians~ ~New friends~ and lots of fun ~~





                                                                                  At WHPC - 90.3 FM with Rob Leonard



                                  1972 Call Letters still there !
                                     Robin, Rob Leonard and Frank Walker (EveWalk)

  Acoustichaos 4 -  At Someplace Else ~ Farmingdale, LI NY




~ Misc pictures from various venues ~


                                          "String Alley", Jeremy Gilchrist, Dan Acosta, Mike Reich and Lisa Gould                       Mike Reich & Robin 

                                                              More at "Someplace Else"  ~~~~~ Yes, the music makes her whole !!    and     More of "String Alley"


                                                                                             "The Orange Bear" ~~ Tribecca ~~~ New York City, NY


  "The Orange Bear" ~~ Tribecca ~~~ New York City, NY ~ Second time there.


                                                                 Introducing ~~~  "EveWalk" ~ Sponsored by Babylon's The Pisce's Cafe ~ Robin with Frank Walker


                            Shots from "The Village Pub"  ~   Port Jefferson,  New York 


    My Mom and I,  playing for the patients at Brunswick  PMR  Physical Medical Rehab Hospital
                                                  (before Mom was discharged, first time we ever played together
because I just learned a year ago.....Mom's been playing since she was 8 )

             Second picture.........Two of "The Eve's" singing at Caps.

A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GIFT............. Robin will explain!



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