Just Drive


Well, my days were getting longer

and my fears were getting stronger

and I had to fight the need to run and hide

The idea of being crazy forever more

was something I could not afford

I had to find life in my life


So I went to the doctor, and then

fourteen other doctors

and all they wanted to do for me

was prescribe

So I said to hell with your medicine

Only I know the state I'm in

and with that, I got my keys and

took a drive


There are 10 steps to just about everything,

baby steps if you please

well, all I know is my crazy went away

the moment I touched my keys


I drove along the coastline,

and passed life past  every road sign

that I  passed,  as my therapy came clear

Take a breath, could be your last one

End of the day, sit down to watch that sun

and when it seems like you can't survive?

Get off your ass and take a drive!

Robin Chifari

All Rights Reserved

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