Grains Of Sand

My life is an hourglass, pouring faster as I grow.

And in each grain of sand, a memory will start to flow....

and the hourglass lets me sift through the sand as I go


Some memories can be much harder to replay than the one before. 

When I see those, I remember and then lock them behind my concrete door

where they'll remain as my foundation evermore


Looking back in the past can be tricky, like trying to clean out a photo drawer

I start out with good intentions, and I end up sitting in tears

 with photos all around me on the floor


Some of the tears that come are happy, while others are to

seal my broken heart.  Memories can come in if they're triggered

or they can come as a flood that you can't stop

I have to choose the future of my heart


The sands of time passed by quickly,

as I walked with my head turned to the rear.

My own demise before my time would make me worry

while an unlived life is what I truly had to fear


So now I say "What the hell" a bit more often

get past myself and try to hang on to the ride

It's been said that this is not a dress rehearsal

and I'd rather give it a shot than stay behind to hide.


Robin Eve Chifari

All Rights Reserved


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