Amazing Spirit


It's hard to live your life, when it has an uncertain end.

Looming in the distance, pretending to be a friend.

Every day you pray and hope it's time

and every day your faith does nothing but climb

It kills me inside to see

God decided to listen to everyone but me


Age has no bearing

there are times, I feel older than you

but I know, that I can make it another day

'cause you see through, no matter what

happens in your life, how many set backs

or fights, that you have to endure

you are amazing.


I know, someday, your prayers,

are gonna be answered ten-fold

The amount of words that went up to the sky

have got to form something to catch his eye


Do you see what I see?

Do you see yourself broken or do you see

the wonders that everyone sees?

It's amazing, to watch your spirit.

It's amazing, to simply watch you smile.


Robin Eve Chifari

All Rights Reserved

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