All My Yesterdays


Every day when I wake up, I have no idea what's ahead of me

and that ain't right.

Too many roadblocks falling from the sky

so hard to think that I will ever survive, another


Day like yesterday

Tomorrow never seems to come, when the days all look the same

I've always hoped, I've already dreamed,

that my tomorrow would be the day I've been waiting for so long

but they've all become yesterdays.


I try to be a good human, always doing what is asked of me

well, most of the time.

I don't curse, don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal,

expect maybe from me, but what harm is that?

It's my life

You've gotta try, head up, be strong,

is all they'll say as insight on how to fix

our dwindling lives.

So now I know I have to go it alone, if my life

will become, more than how to survive, another


Day like yesterday.

Tomorrow's gotta come for me, and let me tell you why

I refuse to see what my life would have become

by watching it from the sky,

or barefoot below,

as memories of those left behind.


Every day when I wake up, I have no idea what's ahead of me

and that's alright.

I know that I can make it from A to B

because I have survived, all my yesterdays.


Robin Eve Chifari

All Rights Reserved

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All Rights Reserved