It all began on Motherís Day, May 9, 1971.

On this day, Ralph and Roberta Eve Paul
brought the youngest of their 6 children,
combined family,
~ Robin Eve ~
home to Greenwich, Connecticut. 
Later that day, Ralph returned to his job in New York City,
as the announcer for The Ed Sullivan Show,
which was taping it's final show of it's many year run. 
Roberta, who had been a performer most of her life,
singing and playing her 12 string Guild acoustic guitar
(affectionately dubbed "The Grail", by her awestruck daughter years later)
had recently put her music career playing in and around
New York City/Greenwich Village on hold, to care for her two youngest children.

Once The Sullivan Show had ended,
The Paul Family pulled up their stakes 6 weeks later
 and relocated to Amityville, New York.  Through the years growing up in Amityville, 
life was filled with many challenges and much sickness. 
It was also filled with laughter, and love, creativity, and music. 
Ralph worked as the Asst. to the Dean at Nassau Community College,
was The Director of the Media Dept., and helped establish and run WHPC radio,
in Garden City, New York. 
During this time, Roberta continued to play and sing,
only now it was for Robin's Girl Scout Troop instead of the city...
and she still sang from her soul, perhaps even deeper.
Roberta also molded the lives of many children through child care,
and channeled creativity through her macrame/craft store,
The Village Knotter,   in the middle of the village.
And through all of this, there was the music. 
Harry Chapin, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Crosby Stills and Nash,
and the list goes on and on. 
Robin's very first concert was Harry Chapin, at Huntington High School in the late 70's,
and the way she remembers it,  you would have thought he played to Madison Square Garden.
She & her family were  invited back to Harry & Sandy's home afterward
 and saw people like Pete Seeger, Tom Chapin, Richie Havens and Kenny Rogers there.
Quite an experience for a  kid who just loved their music.

Robin's first direct hands-on experience in  music was in 1980,
when she first started to learn how to play the flute. 
Over the next 9 years, Robin would compete many times at the NYSSMA Competition,
(New York State School Music Association) and receive highest ratings.
She also performed in their All State Concert on three separate occasions. 

In the fall of 1987, after a very long illness, Robin's father Ralph passed away. 
That day, the music died in Robin as well. 
Vowing never to play again, the flute was sold, and the lessons forgotten....
.until May 1998, when her boyfriend/future husband
would purchase a flute knowing that her heart had begun to heal. 
Still not close to the flute player she once was,
 to this day, it was an awakening of sorts...
it was time to begin the long and sometimes painful process
called, the evolution of Robin.

The next few years proved very difficult for Robin. 
The "Ride of Life" showed too much wear, and the bumps were too difficult to take. 
 But as dark as the darkness became,
it was the love of wonderful friends, and amazing family,
and music, that she was able to begin to see the light around her again.

In January 2002, the light became a beacon at what has become
Robin's "home away from home",  The Big House, which is the living room of the home
where some of her best friends live. 
In this living room, Robin started to take guitar lessons
from  two wonderful teachers who became friends,
 an hour a week with each. 
With dark clouds beginning to find another home,
Robin wrote her very first complete song,
All My Yesterdays  (see lyrics link)   in May of 2002. 
After playing and singing this song for her mother for the first time that month,
Robin received an amazing gift, "The Grail" ,
passed down by a mother who believed in her daughter's song, and her soul.

On May 15, 2003, Robin performed for the first time on the stage of the
V.P. South for Open Mic night,  in Amityville, New York, her home town.
She sang her songs, and played  "The Grail" for the first time in her life. 
It was  after being welcomed with open arms by many amazing musicians
and friends that Robin came back the next week.....
and the next...always watching and learning and striving to better herself,
and many messages she has in her heart to write about.
To borrow a lyric from John Denver. it was "coming home to a place
I've never been before"

"Somewhere in the middle of now and then",
Robin has found herself immersed in the local music scene,
after a very short time of playing outside of her living room. 
Her songs are honest, first and foremost.
She writes about how she views life as it is, as it has been,
and as it still could be for herself,
and those she has come in contact with throughout her many lives.
She writes as a mother herself, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a woman, and a human.

Please take your time and look through the sections of this site. 
Any suggestions or comments would be welcomed
as this is still a work in progress. 
Sit back and enjoy having the opportunity to be introduced
to some wonderful artists, interesting sites,
and the original, acoustic music of Robin Eve Chifari.

Thank you for visiting - wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories


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