Benefit Of The Doubt


How do I know what to believe in

when I never saw who sold me the ride

They say faith is easy, just like breathing

Then why am I still questioning, no matter how I've tried

I've known blind faith as I have lived it most my life

by strangers who saw something to believe in, in me

Then why is it so hard to give faith in return

for the reason that I simply cannot see.

Heeyyy Heeyyy Heeyyy............

We've had words, you and I, more times than I can count

and I believe we both watch with all sides of our eyes

Always wondering what the other is up to

only you've got the better view from the skies


Heeyyy Heeyyy Heeyyy............


I am teaching your ways as I was told when I was young

part to keep my easel clean

part to help me remember the blind faith of my own

and the possibility of where it took seed


I am feeling like it's time for a miracle

and I'm ready and waiting to shout

I'm not sure you're really listening when I speak

but I'll keep giving you the benefit of the doubt


Robin Chifari

All Rights Reserved

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